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How to Decorate the Party Room at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

The party room game idea is a small room that appears to be where birthday parties are held in the rebuilt Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. It is ventilated by the Left Air Vent and connects to the Office.

If entertaining guests is a big part of your lifestyle, consider remodeling your home with a dedicated party room. This space can be as simple or sophisticated as you want.

Decorate With Balloons

Depending on the type of party you’re hosting, balloon decorations can help create an atmosphere that’s fun and festive. Whether you’re decorating for a birthday party, anniversary, dance event or gender reveal, there are plenty of creative ideas to choose from.

Consider creating a large balloon arch to frame the entrance to your room. This simple balloon decoration works well for any occasion and is especially impressive when you use a variety of colors to match the theme.

You can also make a balloon garland to hang up on the walls in your party room. This simple balloon decor idea can be adapted for any theme and is especially effective when you add a few clear balloons filled with confetti to your display. You can even spell out a word or phrase with balloon lettering for an extra special touch. Adding lights inside your balloons will also illuminate the room for an added glow at nighttime events.

Add String Lights

A little bit of string lighting goes a long way to transform a party room into a romantic space. Also known as bistro lights, string lights add a soft glow to any environment. Choose from a variety of bulb styles, including LEDs and traditional incandescent bulbs that produce a warmer glow. The length of the strand will also impact the amount of light it provides.

Use shorter strands of lights to frame objects in your party room, like mirrors and ladders. Longer strands work well as a backdrop for photo booths or to illuminate dance floors and other areas where guests will congregate.

Try using your strand of lights to spell out words on a wall, like “Happy Birthday” or “Open Bar,” for a festive touch. You can also make your own unique piece of decor, such as a lighted sign or string art, by attaching the lights to a board and creating custom messages or drawings.

Hang Photos on the Wall

Displaying photos is an eye-catching way to decorate any room for a party room game idea. Consider a photo wall, photo booth, or a digital slideshow that will allow guests to sit back and relive special memories.

If you want to hang photos on the wall, make sure your hanging hardware isn’t going to damage your walls. Double-sided tape works for smaller decor pieces, but if you’re hanging framed pictures or balloons, command hooks are much safer.

When marking the spot on the wall where each hook will go, use a level to ensure that all marks are at the same height. Then, hammer one picture hook into each mark until your photo or balloons are securely in place. For an even more creative display, try a colorful photo balloon bouquet.

Add a Tablecloth

Table linens can elevate a simple wooden table into a focal point of a room, especially when complemented with vivacious flowers and metallic flatware. The type of linens used depends on the occasion’s theme, with plastic table covers appropriate for casual events and upscale cloth linens suited for five-star venues.

When choosing tablecloths, the fabric, size and shape are crucial. To determine the right size, start by measuring the table’s length and width. Then multiply the table’s diameter by 2 and add your preferred drop length to find the tablecloth size.

If you’re feeling creative, turn old plastic tablecloths into tassel curtains for your walls. Cut strips of tablecloths into 2-3 inch sections, and then use them to create a pattern on a piece of butcher paper. Hang the paper on your wall, and you’ll have a colorful new mural to enjoy. It’s a fun way to reuse old plastic tablecloths and gives your home a festive look.

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