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How to Design a Party Room

A party room game idea is a space that can be used for social gatherings. It should be well-designed and have the right furnishings to accommodate guests. It should also have enough windows to allow natural light to circulate in the room.

The close quarters, food and drink (and in the early years cigarette smoking) can make the room party experience claustrophobic for some. Nonetheless, it is worth it to fans who otherwise rarely see one another in real life.

Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangements are often an afterthought when it comes to event planning, but the layout of seats can have a significant impact on attendee interaction and engagement. To get the most out of your next event, choose a seating arrangement that suits the nature and purpose of your event.

One of the most popular types of room seating arrangement is theater style, which is characterized by rows or arcs of chairs that face one another. This is ideal for events where participants are likely to take notes or listen attentively.

Banquet style room seating is perfect for weddings and birthdays, and it can be made more organized by creating a chart to determine who sits with whom. This arrangement is also great for minimizing status differences and encouraging interaction between the attendees. However, it is important to keep in mind that some attendees may feel uncomfortable if they are seated near former colleagues or separated couples.

Table Linens

Table linens add color and personality to an event. Choosing the right linens can enhance the look of any table setting, whether formal or casual. There are many different options available for table linens, including tablecloths, napkins, and runner styles. Properly matching and styling these elements can make the difference between an ordinary table and a stunning centerpiece.

Linens communicate the level of formality at a party. Using a fabric with a heavier, compactly arranged pattern on a tablecloth conveys a sense of weight or solidity, while a light-hearted feeling is suggested by a linen with an airy, woven design.

A silky, closely woven fabric, taffeta is structured and has an iridescent, sleek appearance. This is a great choice for upscale events and offers the ability to coordinate with other elements on the table. For a traditional feel, try brocade or damask, both of which are woven from silk threads and feature an embossed or embroidered design. La Tavola offers these fabrics in styles ranging from $39-$100.


The best decorations carry your party theme and make guests feel excited to be there. Hang a banner that references your special occasion, or use simple streamers and balloons to create an instant party atmosphere.

For a special touch, choose table linens that tie into your theme. Burlap and muslin look great with many themes, and are inexpensive to purchase. You don’t need to ruin your walls, either; temporary framed photos and artwork can add to the ambience. If your party is honoring someone, swap out the photos for images that fit their interests or accomplishments.

Avoid angular furniture arrangements in the main party room game idea; they can crowd mingling areas and cause tripping hazards. Opt for rounded pieces instead. If your party will include dancing, creative lighting can focus and heighten the energy in a room. Consider syncing strobe lights to the music and using hanging decorations to redirect light around the room. You can also add candles to tables and other locations for a sophisticated look.


The lighting in your party room has a huge impact on the mood and energy of your guests. Use dimmable LED lights to transform your home and make it a fun and festive place to entertain. These versatile bulbs screw into standard light fixtures and come in a variety of colors, such as calming blues or bright party hues. They’re also great for framing objects in your space or creating a glowing backdrop behind furniture.

A comfortable, welcoming seating arrangement is the best way to encourage interaction and conversation amongst your guests. Ensure you have enough seats to accommodate your maximum guest capacity and consider placing food buffets or drink stations near the seating area for easy access.

Providing conveniently located trash receptacles can help cut down on cleanup time. And remember, not all your guests will be non-smokers so it’s important to have a butt bucket or other decorative containers to place used cigarette butts in.

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