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How to Design a Party Room

A kids party game idea should be large enough to accommodate the biggest crowds and still feel intimate when hosting smaller groups. It should also have plenty of windows for natural light and environmental control.

The space should be able to accommodate food buffets and drink stations, which will increase your profits. Additionally, it should have convenient trash receptacles.


The lighting in a Party Room is one of the most important elements of any party. It sets the mood, makes guests feel comfortable and energetic, and funnels people towards where they want to go.

For an instant ambiance changer, swap out your regular bulbs for LED lights that shine in bright colors and patterns. They can even be synchronized with music for a truly unique effect.

String lights can add a festive look to any space. You can hang them around door frames, windows, or on walls, and they come in a variety of colors. They’re a good alternative to hanging up lanterns or candles, which can be a fire hazard.

Another great choice is strip lights, which are spools of lights in a skinny shape that’s perfect for framing window frames and other objects. They can be found in a variety of colors, and they’re a little cheaper than LED bulbs. They also tend to be waterproof.


The balloons you choose for your party room can help to transform the entire space. Your selections may be influenced by the type of event, including birthday parties, baby showers, and weddings. A few considerations can help you make a good choice, including the number and color of balloons you need.

For example, you can use a few different shades of blue to create a monochrome look. You can also use a variety of sizes to add a more dramatic effect. You can even write a message on your balloons to make them more personal.

A balloon arch is a popular way to decorate a party. It can be used to highlight an entrance or doorway, or it can be hung at the head table. It can be a great addition to a themed party or even for an outdoor birthday party. You can make a balloon arch with just a few materials and a bit of patience.


Many home remodels include the addition of a room dedicated to hosting parties at home. Whether it’s a dining room, living space or second den, this design feature can make hosting social events in your home much easier. It’s important to plan seating arrangements in the party room well in advance. You want to ensure guests are comfortable and that they can easily access buffet lines and drink stations when it’s time for food and drinks.

Use decorative screens and curtains to visually divide the room into sections based on activities. For example, a child’s birthday party would work best with an area for opening presents and eating cake as well as an activity area for crafts or playing pinata.

Hang streamers and coordinating banners to tie the look together. Crepe paper works well for children’s parties and other less formal celebrations. You can also add tinsel around serving platters or lace to tablecloths for a princess-themed party. Adding themed balloons to your party décor will also tie the entire look together.


Whether it’s a kids party game idea in your home or a special area of your house designed for guests, having music in the space can make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Music can help set the mood and create a great atmosphere to chat about favorite TV shows, books or fandoms with fellow fans. Close quarters, food and drink (and in early room parties cigarette smoking) can make the experience somewhat claustrophobic but to fans who rarely see one another in real life it’s worth it to be able to meet with like-minded people and share their passions.

The Party Room is a region accessed by Lina’s Library room in Petscop 9. It reflects a birthday party for Lina Leskowitz and contains three interactive present objects, which play an opening animation when interacted with. The room also features a window showcasing a bench adorned with a yellow pinwheel and cake, as well as two large gift boxes on either side.

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